Hula Loop is a beat store, where you can acquire licenses for beats and instrumentals produced by Hula Loop.

You can buy licenses for instrumentals. That means you get permission to use the track.
For a general overview click here. You can read our full terms and conditions by clicking on the following four links:

1. MP3-license
2. BASIC-license
3. PREMIUM-license
4. UNLIMITED-license

According to German Law it is not possible to transfer and/or sell author's rights - even if the author agrees and gives it to you for free.
For this reason there are licenses.

You can order license upgrades to upgrade your current license to a higher one - without any disadvantages regarding payment.

Example WITHOUT using a upgrade-license:
Track Y MP3-license: 30€ + track Y BASIC-license: 50€ = 80€

Example WITH using a upgrade-license:
Track Z MP3-license: 30€ + track Z MP3-BASIC upgrade license 20€ = 50€

Which is equivalent to the price of a single BASIC-license!

You will receive your purchased articles via download link in your account.
After we receive the confirmation of payment you will have immediate access to the links in your profile.

We only accept payments via PayPal.

Basicly we do not offer exclusive licenses for our beats and instrumentals.
Nevertheless you can send us an e-mail to info@hula-loop.com with your plans and offer.
We will come back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, that's possible! Please read through our terms and conditions as well as §8 of the specific license agreement you plan on choosing.
In any case, please contact us to talk through the details. 

Our mixing & mastering services is a fair priced option for artists who cannot pay for expensive studios or don't have the abilitiy to mix their songs by themselves.
Even if you are only purchasing a MP3-license with an untagged stereo .mp3-file we offer to mix it within the session. 

All you have to do is send us your vocal tracks and you will receive a fully mixed and mastered stereo file - FOR ONLY 50€!

This is what your song could sound like.