Mixing & Mastering

Attention -
mixing & mastering services are only available for your own recorded vocals and tracks of the
www.hula-loop.com beat store!

You want perfectly mixed vocals?
No problem! After your order send us your vocals (at max. 1 lead vocal track + 2 dub tracks) via Dropbox or WeTransfer to info@hula-loop.com with the details of your order (order ID etc)

- We're going to mix your vocals into the unmastered song and remaster it. Best sounding possibility you have!
- Since years and years we are into mixing and mastering. Take advantage of it - for an extra special deal!
- Within a short time period you receive your finished track as a download and go on with spreading your songs to the world immediately (but always keep an eye on your LICENSING options!)

Mixing & Mastering - Standard
55.58 USD
incl. 19% tax
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